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Disclaimer: This blog is run off of other peoples thoughts and feelings on Grease, none of my own opinions are stated on this blog.

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I love Kenickie more than any other character in this film. - vedderofficial

Jan and Roger/Putzie are the only stable relationship in the whole show it’s adorable.

Okay so ever since I was like 6 I’ve always loved Rizzo, the sex scene tho with Kenickie and they are too cute omg aww and Stockard Channing is too perfect in Grease.

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I think Rizzo would have admitted to Kenickie that the baby was his if he didn’t refer to it as a mistake. 

I hope that one day that some theater where I live plays Grease and I will do anything to be casted as one of the boys. ANYTHING. 

I hate when people say the old “Sandy died at the beach at the end she’s going to heaven” no she’s not! It’s a story about high school lovers in the 1950’s and that’s literally it. When they made the movie they didn’t sit around and say “let’s put in a deeper meaning and see if anyone figures it out, ready… Sandy does” no!!

I ship Kenickie and Rizzo together SO HARD!! I picture them getting married fairly quickly and having two sons (one that looks like Kenickie and one that looks like Rizzo) and then a little girl that is the perfect mix of both. 

I have a headcanon that the secretary Blanche is the Blanche from a Streetcar Named Desire, my class was reading it and I thought after Blanche leaves she becomes a secretary, that’s why in Grease the scratchy Blanche is so forgetful and frazzled. 

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